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PJM have added 2 more buildings to their portfolio   Wednesday, Feb 07, 2018  

PJM have increased our portfolio by adding another 2 buildings in Ashfield and North Sydney.

We are currently managing over 30 strata plans throughout the Sydney Metropolitain area..

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Website Updated   Monday, Feb 11, 2013  

Our work order system has been updated to allow the simplistic tracking of work orders and preventative management contracts. This is great news for Owners Corporations and Strata companies as we are able to archive all work orders for future use.

Contractors also like the system as they instantly receive an email so they can arrange their workloads and as there is an registered ID number, this makes invoicing easy to manage.

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Expanding Portfolio   Monday, Oct 10, 2011  

PJM now manage over 30 strata properties, including strata and community schemes.

PJM Building Management
was established in 2003, now has over 30 strata properties which we manage and provide other ancillary service such as cleaning and consulting services.

We provide a mix of management services ranging from 50 scheme to 400 lots and are involved in residential community schemes and commercial management.

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 Wednesday, Feb 07, 2018
PJM have added 2 more buildings to their portfolio   Read More
 Monday, Feb 11, 2013
Website Updated   Read More
 Monday, Oct 10, 2011
Expanding Portfolio   Read More

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